STEEL Profession Ltd. And JSP 97 Ipari, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Ltd. successfully applied in the tender of the National Office titled "Research, Development and Innovation for the Support of R&D&I Activities of Companies", with the project 2018-1.1.2-KFI-2018-00096, titled "Development of a Hygienic Manual Sampler Installed Fixed and Suitable for Individual Sampling".


The aim of our product development project is to develop a sampling device that can be used to monitor changes in the properties of the wastewater arriving at the treatment plant.

Up to now, there are practically no permanently installed measuring devices in the sewage system. Such devices and hygienic hand samplers for single samples may represent a major breakthrough in long-term control of sewage systems. Such a device can detect (critical) changes in the quantity and quality of wastewater long before it arrives at the treatment plant, allowing the plant to adapt to changing conditions more quickly than with current sampling practices, saving a lot of time, effort, and money.

With the sampling device, the operator does not even come into indirect contact with the wastewater being tested, but only has to work with the hermetically sealed sampling vessel. Sampling is done by means of a peristaltic pump mounted on a fixed pipe that delivers the required amount of sample into the hermetically sealed sampling vessel.

The significance of the development is that the compact device also increases the speed and health safety of ad hoc manual sampling. The fixed meter and hygienic hand sampler for single samples can be a major breakthrough in the long-term control of wastewater systems.



MSV Brno - 2019

Project day - 2020


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